So these pics are what they are.. not in great focus and Gal is walking away from the camera, but some days are like that! Still it was interesting to know that she will be in Lex’s party scene and I think it’s the first time we’ve seen her ‘on set’ since a couple of photos way back in May as Diana Prince. For great photos of the stunning Ms Gadot, see her own Instagram feed, and a thousand other websites. For fuzzy, atmospheric ones, this is the place ;)

We were expecting to see him on set at MSU sooner or later, after all it’s his house and his party. Jesse Eisenberg arrived on set tonight wearing a hat. Aha! Never before has there been so much debate about a character’s hair. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch him later dressed as the host of what looked to be a very fancy red carpet event, so for now we’ll have to make do with Jesse in his natural state.


Yes, it turns out that the spectacular Eli and Edythe Board Art Museum on the MSU campus is indeed standing in for Lex Luthor’s residence in Batman V Superman. Lex is throwing a big party, and everyone is invited! We’d already guessed that the building might have something to do with LexCorp because the LexCorp truck had been seen on set, but this was confirmed by a source tonight. We might also see a certain white Rolls Royce Wraith parked outside, since another source has confirmed that the car I photographed in Detroit, does in fact belong to Lex Luthor himself. Apparently a lot of interesting things have been created inside the museum. Sadly we have to wait 18 months to see them. Well that sucks!

Extras were seen arriving at the set late in the afternoon. Men in business attire, women dressed for an event. And extras as waiters and bar staff, because we know that just in the entrance-way of that house there is a bar that used to be Starbucks!

Exactly who is invited? Well, tonight on set I’m pretty sure I saw Ben Affleck’s feet, and I did hear someone say they saw the rest of him. He wasn’t in the Bat costume (if he was the internet would have imploded this evening), so we can be pretty certain that Bruce Wayne is invited. Also on the guest list are the characters played by: Holly Hunter, Tao Okamoto, and Gal Gadot.

Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t know that Batman V Superman is filming at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum on Michigan State University’s campus this week? You must be living under a rock. Or you don’t have a Twitter account. Apparently dozens of people have seen Ben Affleck on campus already. Everyone can see the movie being filmed from their lecture room. And everyone else is an extra. Take all the above with a large grain of salt.

However, filming will happen. Extras have been chosen from among the thousands who applied. A local salon has been asked to do fancy things to people’s hair, and some extras have been asked to be waiters. So… we are predicting some kind of society party. We are hoping that Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Doomsday, Metallo and Everyone Who’s Anyone in the DC Universe will be there in full costume, outside for us all to see and take selfies with. Are you listening, @ZackSnyder? Pretty please? At least the Bat.. please show us the Bat!

Of course, back in the real world the roads will be closed, barriers will be set up, and we will likely see very little of filming which seems set to take place mostly inside the dramatic, space-age galleries of the Museum. The galleries are currently empty (signs say they are being changed.. uh-huh), and the stage is being set this week for filming to start on Thursday evening and run through Thursday night and Friday night. Signs are being taken off the walls and windows, the Starbucks coffee shop inside the museum has been stripped away, and everything is empty and waiting to be filled with fake exhibits and BATMAN! Is the building Lex Luthor’s home? It would look great with a White Rolls Royce Wraith parked outside. Just saying.

The buzz on campus is huge. It will definitely be a fun week to be in East Lansing. I have to believe that if it’s a high-society party, we at least have to see Bruce Wayne. Fingers crossed.

A few weeks ago a solitary security guard was seen outside one of the abandoned historic mansions in Detroit’s Brush Park — the Ransom-Gillis House. These days security guards often mean MOVIES! so we kept an eye on it. Sure enough, this weekend the Batman V Superman crews moved in for filming in this amazing Detroit neighborhood. Few of the original houses are left from the mid-1800s, most demolished, destroyed by arson, or simply crumbled to the ground. Several of the ones that are still standing have been restored. Believe it or not, the Ransom-Gillis House has been partially restored, but it’s facade still makes a great backdrop for dark, creepy Gotham. Crews have been working on the set for the last couple of weeks, and I’ll post some of those photographs later, but for now everyone wants to see the pictures from filming on Friday night.

As far as we know there were no stars on set last night. According to crew they were not there, but we have long learned to take that with a grain of salt. We do know for certain that Henry Cavill is in town. Amy Adams is in L.A., and Ben Affleck is also away for the premiere of Gone Girl. Who does that leave in town? In any case, no actors were seen — at least before 11 pm, and they were scheduled to film all night, so it’s possible that they snuck in later. We witnessed two ‘scenes’ filming after dark last night. The first consisted of winching a large, caged camera high above the rooftops of the house — finally we discover the purpose of the large scaffolding. The camera swung over the roof, around the newly-‘repaired’ chimney, resting over the chimney and looking down into it, then swinging around to look toward the street. Hmm. Maybe this is the perspective of a certain superhero who is on the roof? Pick your flying superhero!

The rest of the evening was a scene of a Gotham police car screeching down a wet street and coming to a halt outside the house. The police officers exited the car, looked up at the house and shone flashlights at the building. Lather, rinse, repeat. Movie making is such a thrill to watch ;) Between takes the production team discussed and pointed and discussed some more, and then there was another take.

We’re pretty sure filming will continue at the same location on Monday. Maybe the actors will be back in town by then? Watch this space. Actually watch Twitter as it takes me a while to upload here. More pictures to follow of the set up of the Ransom-Gillis House, and some general shots of last week’s filming at the Michigan Central Station.

While locals such as myself are reluctant to accept the fact that Batman V Superman filming in the Detroit area may soon be winding down, the reality is that next month it’s likely that the production will move on to film in rural Illinois, Chicago and Morocco. But it’s been a wild summer here in the D. Looking back I was amazed to see how many filming locations there have been. I think I’ve captured them all here, though there may be some secret ones we’ve missed. However, if it wasn’t on Twitter, it didn’t happen ;) Obviously I’ll update this if and when other filming around the area occurs. Fingers crossed that it’s not over yet!

2014-09-02 020 So it’s a poorly-held secret that for the last few nights Batman V Superman production had moved to a night shooting schedule at the Nicholson Terminal at the docks in River Rouge. This is a now infamous filming locale, used in several Detroit-made films such as Real Steel and Transformers: Age of Extinction in which you may have seen the flying Boblo boat. Only a few blurry cellphone pics have emerged of this set, taken by people working on the docks, but some of the production team do share the occasional instagram photo that help locate filming. Thanks, Clay.

Night shoots are of course particularly exciting because, well … BATMAN. So far we’ve seen Bruce Wayne, Superman and Clark Kent, but much as we have loved all of those, the man everyone wants to see is Batman. Yes, we’ve seen the WB-released picture and we’ve seen #SadBatman, but it isn’t quite the same as seeing the actor in his suit on set. The other missing element so far of course is the Batmobile. Again there were a couple of shots some weeks ago of the new vehicle in a warehouse, but Detroit residents (and all Batman fans everywhere) are waiting for the big reveal on the streets. We’d hoped it would happen in August when the movie filmed in downtown Detroit, but so far, if the Batmobile has featured in any filming it’s been in scenes kept heavily under wraps. My piece of advice to Zack Snyder, who I’m, sure is an avid follower of all things Bananadoc (not really), Get the Batmobile out there! Follow Michael Bay’s lead and put the Batmobile out in Detroit for people to look at and take pictures. Just saying. We’d love you forever and lobby the Michigan Film Office for you to film the Justice League Movie here. OK we would do that anyway. But pretty please. And while we’re writing a wish list, Superman and Batman too! What a photo op that would be.

Back to reality. It seems as though night shoots will continue for much of September, confirmed by various casting calls and some inside information, but the location may already have moved to an industrial area near Detroit. The eagle-eyed and obsessively-curious who know Detroit had already managed to work out the location of  that original Batmobile picture. Yes, there are a lot of derelict warehouses in Detroit, but this one wasn’t too hard to track down. We already had that location in the back of our minds before the occasional picture started appearing on social media that suggested the building was going to become a bigger part of the action.

2014-09-05 008aFast forward a couple of days and it’s been confirmed that the shooting at this location will be a big part of the movie. Filming will run through to September 18, set up has already begun, and filming may already have started on part of the site. Again, like the docks, it is pretty locked down. It’s extremely unlikely that anyone is going to gain access to the set to see much going on, particularly since filming will primarily take place at night. But there are boats. Lots of boats. Clearly we are looking at a docks theme here, although the cabling running through this large complex indicates that filming may happen throughout the site, including the roof spaces. Awesome. Batsignal? And Batmobile. We know it was here before, and may even have been stored here, but surely this is where the Caped Crusader and his trusty steed will be in action. It’s night time. And the scenery is totally Gotham. This has to be a big scene for Batfleck. We’re excited.


Just a few more pictures from the Gotham City Jail shoot for Batman V Superman on August 27 in downtown Detroit. Most of these have already been shared via Twitter, but there are a couple of additional ones in here, and the hi-res versions of ones we’ve already seen. Most are of general movie-mayhem. While it’s awesome to catch shots of the actors (who doesn’t want that Clark Kent or Superman shot?), it’s always been about the making of the movies for me. I’m not really the paparazzi, though I may play one on my blog, and some shots are too good to miss, but movie making on the streets is just a lot of fun to watch. Long may the Michigan tax incentives continue!

So what was going on here? Well we do know by now of course that mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent was seen on the steps of the jail, speaking with a pregnant woman carrying a baby. There did seem to be a crowd around the jail. It’s set in the fall I think from the clothing and the dead/dying tree. That tree… right in the way of a beautiful clear shot of said reporter! Clark’s fashion sense doesn’t seem to have changed much since the end of Man of Steel — he’s seen wearing the same shirt and jacket (possibly), and carrying the same reporter’s satchel/messenger bag. Rumors suggest that the movie is set approximately 3 months after the end of Man of Steel.

And if you want to see those pics of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, they are here in the Daily Mail.

Clark Kent in Gotham City Jail?

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Batman-Superman

So don’t get too excited because this isn’t Henry Cavill himself on the set of Batman V Superman in Detroit — we’ve yet to see the man himself — but at least today we did get to see his stand in on set. There’s a pretty good resemblance to the mild-mannered version of the Man of Steel, but clearly this isn’t the real deal. What is Clark Kent doing in Gotham City Jail is anyone’s guess? There’s a crowd outside, and Clark is seen coming out of the building and speaking with a woman on the steps.