Houses of Scream 4: Olivia’s House

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Scream 4

General consensus  seems to be that the house next to Jill’s is Olivia’s, and much of the filming of Scream 4 in August centered on this house.  Many of the shots were of course at night, when the beautiful house took on a more sinister air.

If rumors are to be believed, whatever might happen to Olivia is seen by Jill and Kirby from the window in Jill’s bedroom and my guess is that the scenes in my previous blog post precede ‘whatever might happen’ to Olivia. Amusingly, I’m pretty sure that the angles of the windows make this impossible–the bay window faces forward to the street and visibility of the house next door would be very limited–but I’m sure that some fancy camera work will somehow make this possible.

The scene above was photographed on one of the funnest nights on set in Ann Arbor. I was with a friend (Hi, Kirsty!), standing across the road in my usual position with the small crowd, looking for a sight of the actors, when my friend nudged me. “Do you see that room?” I hadn’t really been focusing above ground level, and clearly her eyesight was better than mine. “Isn’t that blood. On the window!”

Oh yeah, so it is! So I took a few shots. I didn’t take any while the scene was being filmed later, but when I posted the now infamous ‘bloody window’ to my Twitter account, I had no idea how far this picture would go! I honestly thought it would be cool for my few Facebook friends to see. The idea that this was a spoiler never entered my head — I was naive back then and really underestimated the way Scream fans would analyse and speculate and put all the details together. Some of the details were put together wrong. Some were almost right. And we still don’t know what twists and turns Wes Craven has in store for us.

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