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Everyone’s favorite photograph of Neve Campbell, taken on one of the best night shoots in Ann Arbor in August 2010. I say ‘best’ because it was one of the rare nights of shooting when most of the action was outside for the crowd to watch. Also security that night were a lot less paranoid, and I’m sure that’s the reason why there are a lot of photographs out there of these scenes being shot.

This picture was taken between takes while Neve was sitting on the steps of Olivia’s house. It’s pretty clear now from all the information out there that this scene is probably the direct aftermath of whatever happens inside Olivia’s house. Hey, in 15 days we’ll ALL know. Well, except me. Because I will be on a tropical beach somewhere, no movie theater in sight. But honestly, I pretty much know how it goes down at this point, and that’s ok.

The other small story about this photo is that the night I posted it I was concerned about the mark on Neve’s cheek being a spoiler, so I actually photo-shopped it out of the version I posted online. So this is the original version, with blood!