Ryan Gosling’s “How to Catch a Monster” filming in Detroit

Posted: May 14, 2013 in How to Catch a Monster
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Apologies for the shameful neglect of this blog. It’s hard to write about the movies being filmed in Michigan when the politicians chased them all away. More politics later, but for now the news around town is of course Ryan Gosling and his directorial debut movie, How to Catch a Monster.

Everyone loves Ryan Gosling, and Twitter is abuzz with the fact that Ryan is in town. But Matt Smith! Yes, Doctor Who is in Detroit, and I think people may have underestimated the impact of Matt and his newly-shaved head!


There will be more pictures later, but first I have to re-learn wordpress and get back to the set today. For now, you can see some of the shots I took of yesterday’s filming at OnLocationVacations.com. Thanks to Christine at @OLV for making the life of a movie stalker SO much easier!

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