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I’m too old to be hanging out at night shoots and I’ll pay for it tomorrow, but tonight it was all happening on a snowy street in Ypsilanti. After a day of setting up the snow and wrapping lights around the trees to make it look like a real Michigan Winter, filming finally started at around 10pm on Friday night. The first scene filmed was with Emily Blunt running down the street. Wash, rinse, repeat around a dozen times I guess.

I have to say that in the daylight the snow looked a little fake, but at night, the sidewalk and street washed down to look wet, the snow sprayed to look a delightful dirty grey, it could totally have been February. I’ll clean up some more photographs tomorrow. Just a few now to give the ambiance.


Five Year Engagement filmed all day today at the Salem-Walker Church, 7150 Angle Rd, Salem, MI. Crews moved in early and they were still filming a funeral scene in the church yard when I left at around 8:30 pm. Only a few locals were watching filming. Jason, Alison, Emily and Chris were all on set, but Jason had wrapped for the day when I arrived.

If anyone ever doubted that I am above all a movie stalker and not the real paparazzi, behold the blurry results of my point and shoot camera in dim lighting. I knew the minute my new Canon came out, I’d be quietly moved on, so I had to slum it today.

Thanks as always to On Location Vacations for the heads-up for the filming location. I had no idea I’d be heading out for an evening adventure.