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It was a crazy day in Clawson, Michigan when George Clooney came to town to film his movie, Ides of March. Twitter started buzzing early in the morning with rumors of where the set would be today, but it was soon confirmed as Nick’s Country Oven on 14 Mile in Clawson.

For most of the morning, however, the filming was being done a block west of the diner, at a doctor’s office, with new signs that identified it as Oakley Women’s Clinic of Cincinatti.

George Clooney and Ryan Gosling were spotted now and again, but they were mainly filming inside the building and visibility wasn’t good until later in the day when they began shooting a scene outside the building right on 14 mile. By this time the crowds had grown and had to be managed out of the shoots. I have to say though, this crew and the security were the nicest I’ve come across in all my movie stalking. Obviously everyone wanted pictures of George Clooney, and security obliged. Oneof the crew said that this was because George Clooney is a “very nice man.”  I think most of the crowd today would agree with that sentiment.

Ryan Gosling seemed pretty popular too. Pictured here today without his dog! And Evan Rachel Wood was also on set, filming both inside and outside the clinic.

And of course the man himself.

George Clooney’s movie, The Ides of March, is still filming on the Campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Monday March 14 scenes were filmed at the Miller Auditorium, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Power Center, and today (Thursday March 17) at the Michigan League Ballroom.

It’s gone from Winter to Spring in Ann Arbor a couple of days, and the celebrity-stalking weather has certainly improved. Sightings though seem to be reserved for the 100s of extras who’ve been used for the big auditorium and ballroom scenes, the determined who are willing to wait for hours for them to leave the buildings, and the serendipitous who happen to be eating in the right restaurant at the right time! George Clooney is of course the biggest name in town right now, though a sighting of Ryan Gosling isn’t to be sneezed at. Some of the extras managed to get their cellphones onto set and tweet regular updates and even photographs. Not sure how they managed to do that as I’m sure the instructions said no phones allowed!

This movie has used a LOT of extras, some of them paid, most volunteers (because yeah, who’d need money to spend a day with Clooney?!), emails sent out the previous night for 7am call times.

So close and yet so far. I’m less than a mile away but my day job is getting in the way of my movie stalking and I’m replying on Twitter updates for intel (Thanks @jmanzel!)