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Today seemed to be more crowd scenes — student protests on campus. 1970s extras filled the small square, a lot of tie-dye, plaid and paisley. Teresa Palmer and Liam Hemsworth here in the middle of the scene.

Austin Stowell, watching the scenes. No one seemed to notice him, or the rest of the cast sitting at the cafe.


Liam Hemsworth was happy to pose for photographs with fans on the set of AWOL in Ypsilanti last night. Hope my new movie-stalking friends don’t mind me posting this picture for all of the 23 people who read this blog to see!

The storms of earlier in the week had moved on, and filming of the AWOL street riot scenes started again in downtown Ypsilanti last night.  The street was blocked by 2 old buses at Michigan Ave, and filming went on all evening through to the early morning.

Just an average night in Ypsilanti — random gunfire, barricades of trashed furniture, and angry crowds. It was a little strange that the angry crowds, carrying banners and in very groovy 1970s outfits, were entirely silent in their rioting. I guess they add the sound later.

Security was, I’m told, a little tighter than usual around the set due to the presence of a certain teen celebrity who may be dating one of the cast. However, I still managed to get some shots of Liam Hemsworth, Teresa Palmer and Aimee Teegarden. Will post these later.

Yesterday Teresa Palmer and Liam Hemsworth were filming right on Michigan Ave in downtown Ypsilanti in a diner made to look like early 1970s Michigan, with appropriately attired extras. I have to say that most inhabitants of Ann Arbor could be used in the movie with little wardrobe adjustment! Though there are a lot less placards carried these days, and I doubt that many wander the street carrying a tamborine–apparently that was a required accessory back then. Gotta love the ‘fros.

AWOL was filming yesterday in a diner on Michigan Ave.  More photos to follow, but for now here’s a teaser of Liam Hemsworth and Teresa Palmer on set.