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Another hot day in A2 and the ‘Five Year Engagement’ crew set up outside Jefferson Market and Cakery on W. Jefferson in Ann Arbor. I think it’s great that this movie is really about Ann Arbor and some of it’s quirky little landmarks. Oh yeah, and U of M.  I was almost an extra by accident yesterday. I must look like a student (ha!) because I walked right across the Diag, sat on the grass and then suddenly realized that people around me looked a little posed. Oops.

The shirt says, “Come Smell our Dairy Air.”

‘Five Year Engagement’ filmed today in the baking heat on the Diag at the University of Michigan. The crew from out of state must be wondering by now why anyone lives in Michigan where the temperatures fluctuate from the lower 40s to the upper 90s in a couple of weeks! I hope they’re done with the snow scenes as it would be hard to fake being cold in this heat.

Rhys Ifans and Jason Segel were on set today. A couple of pictures for now, more to come later this evening.

[Edit: I find myself gadget-challenged today and can’t upload any more photos until tonight. Shoulda brought the right cable… Paparazzi Fail.]

The snow is  still there even though it’s approaching 90 degrees. Gotta feel sorry for the extras who have to dress up as if it’s the middle of Winter. Early this morning filming was happening in front of Grazi and the Chop House on Main St in Ann Arbor. Jason Segel was there, switching from T-shirt to winter clothes between takes which involved him waiting outside the Chop House and going into Grazi.

Touching up the snow a little. It’s melting fast!

The Five Year Engagement is filming today at Zingerman’s Bakehouse,  3711 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor.  The Bakehouse and the Creamery are still open. Today I enjoyed Pecan bread and a raspberry gelato for dessert!

They’re filming in the baking area of the Bakehouse, and you can see the set through the glass window in the store although screens and reflection make it a little difficult! Jason Segel and Emily Blunt were on set, although I didn’t recognize either of them at first. No pictures of Emily today, but we did almost rub shoulders in the store. When someone called her Emily and started fixing her hair I finally realized. I think managing to not recognize the movie star lost me some serious Movie Stalker Points today. There are Movie Stalker Points, right?

Squint and you can see the cameras and screens through there. Really. Apparently Jason’s character is a baker at the real Zingerman’s. It’s very cool that Zingerman’s will get actual credit in the movie. See, Rick Snyder? How good is this for Michigan businesses? Very, of course. But no one reading this blog thinks otherwise, so I’m obviously preaching to the choir.

See that big guy in the woolly hat?

Yes, it’s Jason Segel with some interesting facial hair. There was more, but he peeled it off right in front of me. Looked like it hurt.

Add several Movie Stalker Points for this. Take off a couple because my flash was turned off. Also I think I may have lost one for not getting any pictures of Emily Blunt who was right behind me.

Jason says he is having a blast in Ann Arbor!