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I was so excited about seeing the cars the other day that I forgot to post these pics of Mark Wahlberg.  No really!



The Decepticons have landed

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Transformers 3
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It’s really hard to express how very cool it was to see the Transformers 3 filming in Detroit. Several blocks of the city were closed and the set was  huge. Although production has moved to Florida, I heard a rumor (unconfirmed) that the set is still in place at the old Packard Plant with the crashed Amtrack train etc. I’m not going down there again after my last experience!

I’ll post some more TF3 pictures over the next few days. 

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Post-apocalyptic devastation on Scream 4 set? Just kidding. This is the set of Transformers 3, currently filming at the abandoned Packard Plant in Detroit.  The problem with filming in Detroit is that it’s hard to know what’s movie set and what’s just your average, every-day post apocalyptic scenery.