Batman V Superman filming at the Wayne County Building, Detroit, August 18

Posted: August 18, 2014 in Batman V Superman

Filming at the Wayne County Building is expected to continue most of this week. Unfortunately they’re filming inside the dramatic building, so there isn’t too much chance of spotting the action, but at some point the actors do have to leave the building. Today we got our first real glimpses of Holly Hunter, Tao Okamoto, and another look at Scoot McNairy.  Earlier in the day there were rumors of a stand-in wandering the set wearing some kind of cape. The Big Question of course is was it the Bat or the other guy?

  1. […] new set photo taken today at the Wayne County building in Detroit gives us a major clue. Our friend Banadoc sent in the photo below exclusively to Batman […]


  2. […] named Bananadoc snapped this photo of McNairy on set and sent it to Take a look at what’s […]


  3. […] Source – Just Jared, MTV, Twitter user treinman, Bananadoc […]


  4. […] for Metropolis. He’s in trouble for some things in other countries too. It appears that the Wayne County Building was used for filming. Taking a look at the Wayne County Building in pictures, could it be used as a […]


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