Batman v Superman filming at the Broad Museum (II)

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Batman V Superman, Uncategorized


We’ve now seen several scenes in the Batman v Superman trailers that are clearly from the party/event filmed in the Broad Museum at MSU in October 2014. One of my favorites is Lex Luther introducing Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. It was while watching the set from a window on a stairwell at MSU that we saw the party beginning. Of course as always (for the Michigan shoots at least — in Chicago they filmed everything for all to see), the set was pretty locked down, and most of us were disappointed at what we were able (or not able to see). Whatever, it’s the movie set vibe that really counts. Filming went through the cold, wet, October night, so although there were crowds early on, they had definitely thinned out by the time most of the action was recorded. What we did see were a lot of cars arriving, but no one exciting getting out of them!

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