More spoilers from today’s shoot in Pontiac

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Batman V Superman
  1. […] images below (click on them for bigger version), taken from the Michigan movie blog The Banana Doc, seem to indicate the statue of Superman in tatters. In fact, you can even see civilians placing […]


  2. […] Review has posted some set images from a Michigan Film Blog that shows the statue in a ruined state and people laying flowers on it. This has sparked the […]


  3. A Friend says:

    I bet a producer is furious at these getting out


  4. asd says:

    all the crew must be going crazy! so many spoilers and photos are getting leaked…


    • Brad says:

      No way! Bottom line: if people don’t want to see these photos or info then don’t look or search for it.


      • thebananadoc says:

        This is nothing new. You film in the open, people will take pictures. If you don’t want to see them, you don’t have to look. The movie isn’t out until 2016 so you may have to live under a rock until then though!


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