A Very Bad Day at LexCorp?

Posted: June 27, 2014 in Batman V Superman

A Very Bad Day at LexCorp?

Setting up a the LexCorp building for what is most likely the Police/Fire/SWAT extravaganza that was promised for today. Obviously the building is surrounded by emergency vehicles. The main building still seems intact, but the sentry box has taken a beating! It’s pretty clear that filming later today will most likely be at LexCorp and not loose on the streets of Pontiac.

Security (as ever) is tight. But Batfans, NO ONE ever has the right to take your camera or your memory cards, or even to ask you to delete any pictures you have taken. If you are on public property (that’s key), like a street, or sidewalk, you have every right to be there and to take pictures. Movie security guards have a tough job, but they have almost no actual power. If they touch you, harass you or threaten you in any way, be polite, but don’t let them intimidate you. Usually the best thing to do is to comply and move away, but if they get out of hand, don’t hesitate to tell them that you know your rights. I always carry a copy of “The Photographer’s Rights.” It explains your legal rights and gives advice on how to handle potential confrontation.

I get that studios want to keep some things under wraps, I really do. But there is a balance. And there is public opinion. The movie tax breaks given in Michigan encourages the movies to come here, and it does come out of our state budget, and thus our pockets. I wholeheartedly approve of this investment (obviously), but it doesn’t cost much for the studios to create a little good will, or at least not to foster bad will! Take George Clooney.. incredibly classy guy who was more than happy to play for the crowds when filming in Michigan. And Michael Bay, building the Transformers set in full view of the city of Detroit, allowing people to watch (from a safe distance), handing out stickers to kids, and even setting an afternoon when people could come and see the vehicles. Maybe take a tip, Mr Zack Snyder?


  1. eryn1322 says:

    Well, I wish I knew that this weekend. I was over by the Wendy’s side of the set looking toward the open part of the green screen and I took some pics. I was not on the part that said private property. I didn’t cross the No Trespassing barricade. Heck, I had my 7 yr old son with me. I wasn’t going to take pics and sell them. They weren’t even filming! It was Sunday. I wanted them for me and the big fat guard came over and made me delete them. I had more than just movie pics. I was pretty sad. Now, I wish I knew all this and I could tell the guard a thing or two.

    • thebananadoc says:

      Wow, that is awful. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Most people are taking pics just because it’s cool to see a movie set, and to harass a woman and her kid is unacceptable by any standard of decency. If you felt like being a little belligerent you could maybe contact the movie studio and voice your strong objection to their actions. I’m never quite sure whether the guards themselves know the rules, or they are just chancing their luck when they make these threats. It’s possible they think they have the right to do it. I wish he’d picked on me instead.

  2. eryn1322 says:

    Yeah, we did think it was cool. I’ve been a Superman fan since I was 5, so I was so excited to finally see a Superman movie before it’s in the theater. Heck, we visited the Plano, Yorkville Kent house site and they weren’t that picky over there. This guard was an older guy, graying with a mustache and a huge belly. I could have run and he wouldn’t have caught me, but I did have my son with me. :). I wasn’t belittled but he definitely tried to threaten me with jail if I didn’t hand over my camera and prove that my pictures were erased.

    • thebananadoc says:

      Jail??? OK that is crazy.

    • A Friend says:

      I work in the film industry and I want to share a few things with you. Firstly, this is common practice for security guards to have this heavy handed tactic. If a pic leaks, they get a good seeing to from their boss, who gets a telling off from production etc. THat is why they are like that. The next part is key – they have ZERO legal ground to force you to delete pictures. Period. They will scare you, but next time refuse, they will say other things, but trust me THERE IS ZERO ground legally for them to force you to delete pictures! Next, if I was you, I would contact the production office @ crowncity.prod@gmail.com explain what happend and let them know you will take this matter further if they do not do something about it. They will not want the adverse publicity and will be sure to work something out with you! Please do not this bullying go unpunished. It is becoming a big problem and producers are aware of the issue. Contact them via that email now, and explain everything in full with them.

      • thebananadoc says:

        This was a great comment, thanks. I had heard of one guy who had deleted pictures after being threatened, but I didn’t know they were picking on women and children. There’s a big difference in my mind between the paparazzi and interested movie fans. Not sure where I sit on that spectrum myself… but I hate when these guys get all strong arm on people who do as they are told because they are afraid, and believe they have to do so. Thanks for the email address too — that’s really helpful.

    • A Friend says:

      I couldn’t figure out how to edit my post, without posting again. I should point out that they will try to deny this happened and may try to put the blame on you. That is why you need to explain to them that you will get the matter further. Go to the press and explain that you lost a lot of valuble pictures of your child growing up that you will NEVER get back. They will start to listen then

  3. Aaron says:

    Darn that sucks Eryn. What did you have pictures of exactly? Would love to hear some of the details :D

  4. eryn1322 says:

    Nothing you haven’t seen before. The cars, the green screen, the studio…they weren’t even a big deal :) And yeah Bananadoc…. he threatened jail. He was on a cell while he was talking to me and he was relaying my car information over the phone as if he was talking to the cops at the same time. He could have been faking for the threat but yeah that was my experience.

    • thebananadoc says:

      No way he was talking with the cops. He was messing with you. Jerk. I know these guys have a job to do, and I respect that, but I hate people who throw their weight around because they can. So, I’m going to call him a jerk! A good response is always, ‘what crime did I commit, exactly?”

  5. Juanita says:

    We were there today and security had the place on lock down. They said we couldn’t take photos on the property but they never said we couldn’t take pics at all. They weren’t rude or anything. My little 4yr old nephew wanted his pic with the security guard b/c he thought he worked for Superman. The security guard wasn’t allowed but told us he got off at 6pm. (We never went back and got the pic). By the way we drove all the way from Ohio (4 1/2 hr drive) and was even stuck in the rush hour traffic just to get a picture of Lex Corp. We were really hoping to see any of the actors..but preferably Henry.

    • thebananadoc says:

      You are true fans! That’s quite the drive. I’m glad your experience was better than others. My guess is that it depends which security guard you happen to encounter. Clearly some are crankier than others!

  6. […] Ahora, Michigan Movies and More ha publicado una foto en la que podemos ver un edificio de LexCorp dañado y quemado, lo que podría indicar que el enemigo al que se enfrentarán los héroes en esta película no es moco de pavo. Además, la web afirma que esta escena de LexCorp se está intentando mantener muy en secreto, tanto que hay guardias de seguridad presionando a los fans para que no saquen fotos y, en caso de que las hayan sacado, para que las borren de sus cámaras y teléfonos móviles. […]

  7. eryn1322 says:

    Juanita… same here… we’re from Bloomington, IL.

  8. Juanita says:

    We are very big fans! It was because of your pictures and updates I had an idea of where some of the shooting would take place so thank you very much for that. We want to go back and try our luck of finding Henry. The security guards we talked to were 2 young guys and they might of been flattered that my nephew thought they were protecting Superman. lol. Eryn, we parked at taco bell and walked to the studio and old GM building. We walked over to security and talked to them and of course they couldn’t give us any info on whether they were shooting a Batman/Superman movie but I think the Lex Corp sign gave that away. lol

  9. Juanita says:

    I did forget to mention that where they want extras to park, there were no security guards there. We were thinking about going in that way, but didn’t want to chance it and end up in jail.

    • thebananadoc says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever actually trespassed while movie stalking. I’m always on public property, though, and I wouldn’t advise trespassing, because then you really do have a chance of being at least escorted off the property. No one is ending up in jail! Even security guards have very limited powers to handle or detain you, but if they do bring in the real police things could pan out differently if you’re behaving badly! In my experience, all movie sets are a little bit different in the way they operate and I’m sure that depends on a lot of things like, the spoilerish nature of what’s going on, the kind of movie (Indie vs blockbuster), which security company they choose etc. The only time I was physically threatened was when I drove by the set of Transformers 3 at the Packard Plant in Detroit. A huge security guy actually laid his hands on my car and physically threatened me while my young kids were in the car. They were obviously terrified. I was unnerved, but pretty sure he wouldn’t follow through! What is almost universal though, is the ‘no pictures’ policy. Apart from the Ides of March set here in Detroit, every set has had guards walking the perimeter and telling people they can’t take photographs. That is ridiculous and illegal. They simply do not have the power to enforce that if you are on public property like a street, but most people are law-abiding, and will do as they are told in that setting, so the warnings have the desired effect. I’ve used various approaches, depending on the situation. Sometimes I do try to befriend the security, and sometimes you can get useful information from them. Transformers 4 hired dozens of college kids to watch their Detroit set, and several of those turned a blind eye to amateur photographers. Typically though, a little under-the-radar stalking is required, or sometimes you can get away with the more blatant ‘take pictures anyway right in view of everyone, then move quite quickly away’ :)

      If you search the net you’ll find a lot of fan photographs from the filming of Man of Steel. Yes, there are a lot of green screen scenes, but at some point they ARE going to film on the streets of Real Live Gotham (aka. Detroit). I intend to be there with my camera.

      • Kenson Leblanc says:

        Can I ask exactly why the hell you want to do this? You are aware that people spend days and weeks encrypting hard drives, with watermarked, numbered script copies, etc… all to keep it quiet and to maintain the suspense for the audience…why would you want to literally “spoil” that? For a few extra blog views? Get a life other than stalking.

      • thebananadoc says:

        Thanks for your thoughtful comment! I don’t have to justify myself to you, but if you bothered to look through my blog you’d see very little if anything, in the way of actual spoilers. It’s not as if a small snapshot, taken totally out of context, can ruin an entire movie. If that’s the case, film behind closed doors on a secure set, not where I can see you clearly from the Wendy’s drive-thru in a major suburban area! But seeing one explosion from Transformers doesn’t tell you what’s going to happen in the 2.5 hour movie. A shot of Henry Cavill in the new Superman outfit won’t ruin the movie-going experience for anyone. I’m trying to think, and really the only spoilerish thing I’ve ever taken a picture of may be this statue. And even then we have no real idea what it means, or what its significance is. I have witnessed some spoilerish scenes, Scream4 had a few, and I refused to tell anyone what I’d seen until the movie came out. I even edited some pictures to hide what was going on. I always take pictures of movie sets that are publicly accessible. I’m standing on the street. It’s a hobby. People come here to see what’s being filmed in Michigan, because we have a relatively new and struggling movie industry and people are interested in it. They like to see Hollywood coming to our state. I guess if someone doesn’t want their movie-going experience ruined, then they should probably not hang out on a movie-set blog.

      • juanita says:

        Truthfully you didn’t give any spoilers not even the statue. Snyder released a picture of the statue on twitter. You just showed it in front of a green screen. I’m glad you are keeping us fans informed.

  10. Juanita says:

    I’m hoping to drive up their again in hopes to see some onsite shooting with the stars.

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