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The Buggati and the Corvette

The Corvette Stingray in neon green and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse on set yesterday, screeching down the street and around a corner. As one of my friends said, “I would sure park that across 2 spaces.”

What exactly makes a car worth $2.5 million?

Hound (or the vehicle we think is Hound)

Hound always seems to have his buddy Bumblebee in tow. Autobot buds. Another day on the Transformers 4 set in Detroit. Crowds screaming, cars screeching.

Finally Bumblebee!

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Finally Bumblebee!

Squeals and high fives all round when this street scene turned out to have Bumblebee and Hound screeching around the corner. Several takes. Awesome.

Even More Mark Wahlberg

This picture is for @yesnofilms

Not everyone has been as unlucky as me in finding the Transformers vehicles. Thanks to Matt Witkos for these photographs of the cars.

That falling transit car again

I didn’t notice until today that the falling transit car completely obliterated one of the buildings on the set! Two months of work crushed in an instant. Hope they got a good shot because they can’t re-take that one.

While extras were running ad screaming (they do that a lot on the Transformers 4 set), Stanley Tucci and Sophia Miles appear to be pleading with one of the robots (indicated by a pole held up by one of the crew). Mark stood back to one side watching. It looks as if Stanley’s character was begging for forgiveness maybe?

Even More Mark Wahlberg on the Transformers 4 Set in Detroit

In this scene, Mark Wahlberg stands back while Stanley Tucci seems to be alternately pleading with and cowering from an Autobot/Decepticon — shown on set by a color-striped pole that helps the actors ‘act’ toward the characters that will be added later with CGI.

Mark Wahlberg on Transformers 4 Set in Detroit

Does this photograph really need a caption? Decepticons will flee at the first sight of those biceps.

After the Car Crash, our Hero Emerges safe!

Mark Wahlberg apparently survived the car crash with nothing but a few scratches. He still has his huge gun too — so Decepticons, watch out!