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Great preview shot from Crave Online today. It looked pretty familiar!


Although from my vantage point, the great Stanley Tucci was acting to thin air.


(Apologies for the poor quality shots, but when you’re hiding in a parking lot, you work with what you’ve got!)


mw-4 mw-1 mw-2

I was so excited about seeing the cars the other day that I forgot to post these pics of Mark Wahlberg.  No really!




So last Friday was a busy day on the Transformers 4 set in Detroit. Rumored to be the last day filming would occur on the set, crowds were larger than usual around the barriers. The arrival of the impressively shiny Optimus Prime was probably a big draw for spectators too, and the promised showing of all the vehicles to the public was scheduled for the afternoon. Nice touch, Michael Bay. It was also a beautiful sunny day in the D, perfect for movie stalking. Security had really lightened up, even disappeared in some of my favorite locations — a movie-stalkers dream. Actually I have to say that the green-shirted T4-liaison guys were excellent. Mostly courteous and helpful, and many were willing to turn a blind eye to a camera. Thanks, guys!  Extra thanks to the guy who said, “I’m supposed to  tell you not to take pictures, but I can’t stop you, so go ahead.”


So, Optimus Prime. An impressive truck, for sure. Everyone was getting their pictures taken with Optimus. And meanwhile there was a street scene being filmed — Hound and the blue car (driven by Mar Wahlberg’s stunt double) was driving through the marketplace, and eventually (we hear) driving into a stall or shop, bringing the set crashing down. That car is unlucky. I have pictures of it crashing into several things. But I guess when there are Dinobots stomping all over the city, and Decepticons firing at you, and a lot of running, screaming pedestrians, it’s hard to pay attention to the road.



There were a lot of extras in this movie. Obviously, given the setting, most were Asian, many were older, and watching them do take after take of running and screaming from invisible robots, I hope they all go through unscathed!  I do have many many shots of background extras and I’ll try and put them up here in the next couple of weeks — if you were an extra, you might be able to find a shot or two of yourself to keep as a souvenir. I know from my own extra experience that the likelihood of seeing yourself in the final movie is slim. In addition to random extras, they seem to have hired some ‘hot girl’ extras, who look very out of place in the scenes. Tall, model types with tight dresses and perfect hair, all Caucasian, all struggling to run in very high heels. But hey, this is a Michael Bay movie!  Big Robots. Hot girls. Explosions. It’s a formula that works.





Optimus’ Close Up

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The Buggati and the Corvette

The Corvette Stingray in neon green and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse on set yesterday, screeching down the street and around a corner. As one of my friends said, “I would sure park that across 2 spaces.”

What exactly makes a car worth $2.5 million?

Even More Mark Wahlberg

This picture is for @yesnofilms

Not everyone has been as unlucky as me in finding the Transformers vehicles. Thanks to Matt Witkos for these photographs of the cars.

That falling transit car again

I didn’t notice until today that the falling transit car completely obliterated one of the buildings on the set! Two months of work crushed in an instant. Hope they got a good shot because they can’t re-take that one.