The Destruction of Metropolis Part I

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Batman V Superman, Uncategorized

Still counting down to the official release of Batman v Superman at the end of the months and I’m looking back at the scenes we saw filmed in Detroit in the Summer and Fall of 2014. One of the most exciting periods was early August when the big set that had been constructed in Corktown finally came into play, followed over the next few days by huge scenes filmed across few streets in downtown. Both scenes seemed to be a flashback to the devastation caused by Superman’s battle with Zod at the end of Man of Steel.  This has pretty much been confirmed by the trailers at this point. (I’ve lost patience with adding a watermark to all my shots at this point, but if you do use one somewhere, please give credit. Thank you.)

These are the Corktown set which is the area around the large Wayne Industries Building. Below you’ll see extras in various states of disarray after the buildings have come down, Ben Afflek’s stand-in/stunt double, Scoot McNairy is in there somewhere (and therefore is perhaps an employee of Wayne Industries), a bunch of schoolchildren that Bruce Wayne rescues, Ben Afflek leaving his trailer, and Zack Snyder scowling at me.


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