Destruction of Metropolis Part II

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Batman V Superman

Some more pictures from the Corktown set here. I felt like hanging up my ‘paparazzi’ hat while filming this set over 2 days because I singularly failed to catch Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne except for the back of his head through smoke once. I did have a fun time hanging with my kids though, so I should just be thankful for that experience, right? In any case I’m not the paparazzi (no sh!t), I’m there to record the movie-making process. If I happen to snag a shot of Mark Wahlberg taking his pants off while I’m there, of COURSE I’m going to try to make a few bucks. Wrong movie, but you know what I mean.

Here we see Ben’s stunt-double and Zack Snyder setting up for the shot where Bruce Wayne runs through the ruins of the Wayne Industries building rescuing children, and in particular one adorable little red-headed girl. Aww. Bad Superman!


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