Clark Kent Investigates

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Batman V Superman, Uncategorized

So nothing particularly earth-shattering here, but a scene that hasn’t appeared in any trailers yet. Maybe it takes up 30 seconds of the final movie or doesn’t make the cut at all, but here it is. I posted a couple of these shots was back when, but I took literally hundreds over the course of the evening while I was hiding out in my car at the end of the street in one of the not so great neighborhoods in Detroit in which to be hiding out in your car. Whatever, I was in luck as over the course of the evening I saw Henry Cavill as Clark Kent coming in and out of the building carrying his reporter’s bag and a newspaper. Clearly he’s out investigating crime, and the headline on the newspaper could possibly say …”Red Light Massacre…” or something like that. My guess at the time was that he was investigating one of Batman’s bad-guy clean-up efforts on the rough side of town, but that’s purely conjecture.

The only other obvious characters in the scene are a boy (around 10 or 11 and dressed in very Clark-Kent-like plaid) and the older, homeless-looking guy who could be blind, or maybe he just likes wearing cool sunglasses at night. We (thanks Mark Bialek) are pretty sure that the other actor may be local musician/actor Paul Miles, but we probably won’t find out for sure until we see the real cast list.




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