Batman v Superman Countdown

Posted: February 21, 2016 in Batman V Superman, Uncategorized

Way back in June 2014, the release of Batman v Superman in March 2016 seemed a long way off. Since that time we’ve seen many other movies film and come to theaters, and often it seemed the wait was endless, but at long last we are almost there. Over the next few weeks until the release I’ll be sharing some of my favorite photographs of the sets and filming in Michigan. There are some that I haven’t released before, and some from scenes that haven’t appeared yet in any of the trailers.

My very favorite set was of course the Superman statue that’s featured prominently in the trailers. There was speculation when we first saw it, in all its incomplete glory, and the full effect wasn’t visible until we saw the missing pieces added with CGI. The scale of it on set was awesome. Thank you, Wendy’s parking lot for the great views.

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