The Batman v Superman Turkish Airlines Connection

Posted: February 5, 2016 in Batman V Superman, Uncategorized

turkish2The link between Turkish Airlines and Batman v Superman was announced in January, but wasn’t news to those of us who were paying attention during filming.  There were rumors about Turkish airlines having some connection to the movie toward the end of the filming in Detroit, when people reported scenes being filmed at Detroit Metro Airport. The scoop then was that it probably involved Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and now in the latest trailer we have the proof: Wonder Woman herself (as Diana Prince) boarding a Turkish Airlines airplane.


However back in July, 2015, almost a year after the Batman v Superman machine left Michigan, Twitter came alive with rumors that the production crew were back in downtown Detroit filming again. Maybe some reshoots? Of course I headed down to see what was going on, to find a relatively small crew in place outside the Penobscot Building, downtown. Although there was some impressive equipment, and vehicles that were clearly from Batman v Superman, the set up seemed too small to be part of the movie itself. Local crew downplayed the movie connection a little at first, saying it was a shoot for a commercial. Also we knew that at the time the entire cast of the movie were at San Diego Comic Con and so unlikely to be involved. Further interrogation revealed that it was a commercial for… you guessed it, Turkish Airlines. Aha.

Closer examination of the crew also revealed the presence of none other than Larry Fong, Director of Photography for Batman v Superman. Unfortunately Larry is not my biggest fan. I think he may be the only person ever to block me on Twitter after I posted some pictures in the early days of filming in Detroit. Sorry, Larry! However, in addition to his phenomenal contribution to the big blockbuster movies (Watchmen, Man of Steel and many others), he’s also worked on some amazing commercials. The most notable in this context is the amazing Hardee’s commercial that released with Man of Steel (2013).

We’re therefore expecting great things from this Turkish Airlines-Batman v Superman tie-in. Of course I got some shots of the filming. Handsome guy leaves building, apparently holding onto something? Imaginary dog leash maybe? Waits for cab. Catches cab. Pretty sure we’ll soon find out. The commercial also filmed scenes in Chicago. We’re looking forward to the reveal which should be pretty soon.



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