Scenes at the Ransom Gillis House

Posted: July 28, 2015 in Batman V Superman

Fullscreen capture 7122015 33347 PM.bmp

The scenes we saw in the trailer from this location were all filmed at night in a location that isn’t the best to hang out in alone after dark. Just a stone’s throw from Tiger Stadium, but some of the alleyways I lurked in were a little hairy. Still nothing to match the filming locations of Ryan Gosling’s Lost River, and I survived that. Crews had been setting up at the Ransom Gillis House in Detroit’s Brush Park for weeks ahead of filming and at first it looked as though the house was being restored, before it became obvious that the chimney they were ‘fixing’ wasn’t exactly up to code. The ‘bricks’ literally melted in the rain after filming. There was a lot of speculation around this set, partly because of the old boats set up in the yard of the house. The first tip off we had that this house would be used for Batman V Superman was the appearance of the old boats, which we are still a little confused about. There were also dozens of them at the Russell Industrial Center set, and I have yet to see a good explanation of why there are so many boats in this movie! In the trailer we’ve seen a flood and Superman rescuing people from roofs and we know there’s an Aquaman cameo, but as far as I know there still isn’t a current theory on the boats.

Fullscreen capture 7122015 33522 PM.bmp

The scene most caught on cell phones by Brush Park’s local residents was the Gotham PD car screeching up to the house. That’s pretty much all we could see going on here. Clearly something was going on in the house. Gotham PD were coming to check it out. Another scene showed the two Gotham officers getting out of the car and looking up at the house.

The trailer added two other scenes that look to be related to this set. 1. Someone is tied up in the house, and that someone has a bat-shaped brand on his shoulder. The suggestion is that Batman is punishing bad guys in a revenge spree.
Fullscreen capture 7122015 33539 PM.bmp2. The other scene from the trailer that was impossible to screen cap was bats coming down the chimney. I’m assuming that this scene was part of the story here, based on the positioning of the camera that we saw. When I watched the filming I thought that the camera was maybe to give the point of view of a hovering/flying superhero, but perhaps it was this instead.

2014-09-29 015

Other rumors on set were that a ‘Big Bad’ was in the house. I’m not convinced of this. Some said this was Wayne Manor, which I’m 100% certain is not the case.  Most likely this is a run-down hide-out/HQ for one of Gotham’s minor crooks, possibly the guy we see tied up and branded. Several ‘henchman-types’ were also on set, in a kind of uniform with caps and black T-shirts. So far I haven’t seen any speculation around this and it may be something we don’t find out about until March 2016.


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