The half-houses explained

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Batman V Superman
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So much to say about the latest Batman V Superman trailer released at Comic Con this weekend… so many scenes from the movie revealed and so much awesomeness. It’s painful to think that the movie is still so many months away from theaters, but the excitement is definitely building. I’m guessing, however, that I viewed both of the trailers we’ve seen so far in a very different way to almost anyone else. I couldn’t look at a single scene without trying to work out where it was filmed, and whether I’d managed to catch a small glimpse of it happening.

The strange half houses were spotted on the Pontiac sound stages early on during filming, and someone even reported seeing the Superman symbol painted on the top of one of them. That was hastily covered up by a tarp, but ideas soon emerged as to what they were for and it looks as though one was right! A flood. People climbing onto their roofs to escape the rising waters and be rescued by Superman. We have no idea of course what caused the flood, who the people are, and whether they are rescued. (which is one reason why I honestly believe that most set photos aren’t really spoilers at all, but you’re allowed to disagree with my opinion.)

2014-06-26 009


Fullscreen capture 7122015 33610 PM.bmp

My day job permitting, I’m going to look through the trailers many times to pick out the scenes that correspond to sets that we saw over the last 18 months, and post them here. I also have some previously unpublished pics that I’ll put into a post or two. And on a day when I can face it without getting too angry, I’ll post on the recent demise of the Michigan Movie incentives, and what that means for the future of the industry in Michigan (spoiler: it’s almost dead).



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