Batman V Superman filming at MSU tonight: aka. Party time at Lex’s House

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Batman V Superman
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Yes, it turns out that the spectacular Eli and Edythe Board Art Museum on the MSU campus is indeed standing in for Lex Luthor’s residence in Batman V Superman. Lex is throwing a big party, and everyone is invited! We’d already guessed that the building might have something to do with LexCorp because the LexCorp truck had been seen on set, but this was confirmed by a source tonight. We might also see a certain white Rolls Royce Wraith parked outside, since another source has confirmed that the car I photographed in Detroit, does in fact belong to Lex Luthor himself. Apparently a lot of interesting things have been created inside the museum. Sadly we have to wait 18 months to see them. Well that sucks!

Extras were seen arriving at the set late in the afternoon. Men in business attire, women dressed for an event. And extras as waiters and bar staff, because we know that just in the entrance-way of that house there is a bar that used to be Starbucks!

Exactly who is invited? Well, tonight on set I’m pretty sure I saw Ben Affleck’s feet, and I did hear someone say they saw the rest of him. He wasn’t in the Bat costume (if he was the internet would have imploded this evening), so we can be pretty certain that Bruce Wayne is invited. Also on the guest list are the characters played by: Holly Hunter, Tao Okamoto, and Gal Gadot.

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