Night shoots for Batman V Superman at the Ransom-Gillis House in Brush Park, Detroit

Posted: September 27, 2014 in Batman V Superman

A few weeks ago a solitary security guard was seen outside one of the abandoned historic mansions in Detroit’s Brush Park — the Ransom-Gillis House. These days security guards often mean MOVIES! so we kept an eye on it. Sure enough, this weekend the Batman V Superman crews moved in for filming in this amazing Detroit neighborhood. Few of the original houses are left from the mid-1800s, most demolished, destroyed by arson, or simply crumbled to the ground. Several of the ones that are still standing have been restored. Believe it or not, the Ransom-Gillis House has been partially restored, but it’s facade still makes a great backdrop for dark, creepy Gotham. Crews have been working on the set for the last couple of weeks, and I’ll post some of those photographs later, but for now everyone wants to see the pictures from filming on Friday night.

As far as we know there were no stars on set last night. According to crew they were not there, but we have long learned to take that with a grain of salt. We do know for certain that Henry Cavill is in town. Amy Adams is in L.A., and Ben Affleck is also away for the premiere of Gone Girl. Who does that leave in town? In any case, no actors were seen — at least before 11 pm, and they were scheduled to film all night, so it’s possible that they snuck in later. We witnessed two ‘scenes’ filming after dark last night. The first consisted of winching a large, caged camera high above the rooftops of the house — finally we discover the purpose of the large scaffolding. The camera swung over the roof, around the newly-‘repaired’ chimney, resting over the chimney and looking down into it, then swinging around to look toward the street. Hmm. Maybe this is the perspective of a certain superhero who is on the roof? Pick your flying superhero!

The rest of the evening was a scene of a Gotham police car screeching down a wet street and coming to a halt outside the house. The police officers exited the car, looked up at the house and shone flashlights at the building. Lather, rinse, repeat. Movie making is such a thrill to watch 😉 Between takes the production team discussed and pointed and discussed some more, and then there was another take.

We’re pretty sure filming will continue at the same location on Monday. Maybe the actors will be back in town by then? Watch this space. Actually watch Twitter as it takes me a while to upload here. More pictures to follow of the set up of the Ransom-Gillis House, and some general shots of last week’s filming at the Michigan Central Station.

  1. Marlen714 says:

    Interesting choice of words (lather, rinse, repeat) since wasn’t all of this for a soap commercial! 🙂


  2. Nightwing says:

    Actually last night a girl showed me a photo of Her and Cavill on this set.. And then at about 1am.. A very similar to Amy Adams lady was walking around.. Looked exactly like her.


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  4. 63alfred says:

    Want the true history of the new Wayne Manor? It might actually be better than the movie. See:


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