More Gotham City Jail pictures (Detroit, Aug 27)

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Batman V Superman

Just a few more pictures from the Gotham City Jail shoot for Batman V Superman on August 27 in downtown Detroit. Most of these have already been shared via Twitter, but there are a couple of additional ones in here, and the hi-res versions of ones we’ve already seen. Most are of general movie-mayhem. While it’s awesome to catch shots of the actors (who doesn’t want that Clark Kent or Superman shot?), it’s always been about the making of the movies for me. I’m not really the paparazzi, though I may play one on my blog, and some shots are too good to miss, but movie making on the streets is just a lot of fun to watch. Long may the Michigan tax incentives continue!

So what was going on here? Well we do know by now of course that mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent was seen on the steps of the jail, speaking with a pregnant woman carrying a baby. There did seem to be a crowd around the jail. It’s set in the fall I think from the clothing and the dead/dying tree. That tree… right in the way of a beautiful clear shot of said reporter! Clark’s fashion sense doesn’t seem to have changed much since the end of Man of Steel — he’s seen wearing the same shirt and jacket (possibly), and carrying the same reporter’s satchel/messenger bag. Rumors suggest that the movie is set approximately 3 months after the end of Man of Steel.

And if you want to see those pics of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, they are here in the Daily Mail.


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