More photographs from the set of Batman V Superman in Detroit, August 7

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Batman V Superman

It’s not news that the Batman V Superman production has moved to the streets of Detroit this week. I’ve uploaded some pictures to Twitter. Here and more, higher-res versions. Lots of cool stuff going on today and tomorrow (Saturday August 9). Not sure how much I’ll be able to capture, but watch Twitter for updates from myself and many others! Fun times in the D!  No ‘celebrities’ in these shots exceot Zack Snyder, and of course Ben Affleck’s stunt Double, now known as #thatsnotBenAffleck, which in no way means he isn’t a worthwhile actor and human being in his own right! He may be more famous than Ben by the end of filming! Anyone know his name so we can credit him?


For the many many people asking how to find filming locations, searching for a few good key words on twitter is usually the best way! Also check out the ever-awesome (@olv). Also if you SEE any filming locations (cameras, trucks, Ben Affleck!), don’t forget to tweet and tell @olv so the word can get out quickly. 


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