Update from Corktown Batman V Superman Set, 18-7

Posted: July 18, 2014 in Batman V Superman

Just over a couple of weeks to go now until the scheduled filming, and work on the Corktown, Detroit set of Batman V Superman is progressing. As I reported last week, the large ‘crosses’ are in fact being made to look like structural pieces of the black office building across the street. At first I thought they might be there to enhance the facade of the building, but now it looks more like they are destined to be pieces of the building that have crashed to the ground after some kind of superhero-induced disaster. Similarly the large pieces of styrofoam are in the process of being painted gray to look like large pieces of concrete, torn up pavement, and other disaster-debris. The wood structures that look kind of like construction-roofing seem to be the framework for the concrete slabs, so the scene will look like there’s been pretty major upheaval. Looks like the streets of Gotham (or Metropolis?) are in for some trouble.

The ever-awesome OnLocationVacations also announced more upcoming filming locations on the streets of the D in early August. Things are about to get exciting for Batman V Superman movie-stalkers (at last). With this big Corktown set, and the reported high-speed vehicle chases that will be filmed in the city, it’s hard to imagine that Batman and Superman won’t be out in the open for all to see (at last!).

Some other interesting rumors have suggested that secrecy on the set is a really Big Deal. We’ve seen a little of that this week with repercussions on Twitter. Apparently several crew have been fired for taking cellphone pictures of the set and the stars. And there is so much concern about information leaking out that both of the main characters have been instructed to wear robes on set. An unnamed source has suggested that this is an unpopular dictate, and Henry breaks the rule and walks his dog in full costume. Now that is a picture I would like to snap!

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