So my hits are up just a little…

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Batman V Superman

So my hits are up just a little...

Good thing can handle the increased traffic. Thanks for dropping by and come back to visit now and again, but don’t expect this kind of excitement every day!

But now I’m feeling the pressure to produce more thrills, but the studio has responded to the statue photos by parking big trucks in the way, and re-locating some security guards to my vantage spot. It’s hard to imagine that with such a big, highly-anticipated movie they didn’t realize that anyone going through the Wendy’s drive-thru would get such a great view, but whatever 😉

So no more Superman statue shots for now. Wonder what it will look like with a head on it? Meanwhile, this picture of LexCorps IS doctored. I made it in response to the discussion over the LexCorp logo. Yes, it IS Comic Sans. What else would be appropriate?

  1. German Soto says:

    Comic Sans…reallly? Oh, Lex, that was low even for you…


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