That Superman Statue

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Batman V Superman

That Superman Statue

We’ve seen part of this before in a different setting, but here it is in (almost) all its glory, set on a plinth in front of an enormous, several story, green screen. Obviously a work in progress, it’s pretty impressive. And huge.

  1. […] sabía que era, hasta que hoy ronda por Twitter una imagen del supuesto logo de Lexcorp y otra de la estatua del tronco de Superman que habíamos colocado semanas atrás y en que se especuló que era un molde para el nuevo traje de […]


  2. […] Turns out, that leaked photo of what many thought was going to be the design for the new Superman suit in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, is actually part of a bigger picture, and that picture is a tall statue of superman that’s being constructed in Detroit, for the much anticipated sequel. You can view the spy photo of the statue being constructed, over at the bananadoc. […]


  3. […] stills (via Bananadoc), which can be seen above and below, appear to show some sort of half-finished statue which we’re […]


  4. […] Detroit. Warner/Legendary lo están llevando con el máximo secreto posible, pero un tipo llamado Bananadoc se ha colado en el set de rodaje y ha conseguido hacer unas fotografías en las que se aprecia una […]


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