Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Detroit

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Batman V Superman


A blurry picture of the supposed headquarters (or research division?) of LexCorp hit the net by storm over the weekend. Thanks to Chad Perry of The University of Muscle for the first tip. But where? Hmm. A little sleuthing (and a google search of ‘offices for lease Pontiac’) soon got me there. I was almost but not quite pipped at the post by my sometimes partner-in-stalking, Melissa (@justwitt), and further help from the awesome Chris Begley at For more details check out his scoop here.

If I’d been a few hours quicker in my googling, I could have got out there last night, but stalking had to wait until today. It’s all happening out there. The site of the new LexCorp is an old GM building almost adjacent to the Michigan Motion Picture studios in Pontiac, where much of BvS will be filmed. Earlier this morning it was clear that things are heating up. Huge green screens, cranes, something draped in a red cloth (the Superman statue?), the now-familiar movie trucks and all-too-familiar security guards are on site.

With rumors that several thousand military extras are being called in for filming later this week, and that filming will take place at LexCorp, this is most likely where it’s all going to happen. Access to the area is tight(ish). It’s hard to tell just how close it’s going to be possible to get, but obviously people are going to try hard to get some shots and no doubt they will soon flood the net. But you heard it here first! I’m not planning to give up my day job, but I am planning to spend a little time movie stalking over the next weeks. Goodbye Transformers 4 , Hello Batman V Superman!

OK, photos to follow very shortly. Watch this space.


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