Pictures from the Detroit Set of Transformers 4, Day 4

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Transformers 4



People have wondered what will happen to the Detroit set after next week when the movie head to start shooting in Chicago. It’s possible that they’ll have blown it all up by then! Yesterday I arrived on set just in time to hear a huge explosion. One of the rules of movie stalking is that the best stuff happens right before you get there or just after you leave. Film stalking (like film making!) can be a slow business, and unless you bring a lawn chair and just hang out on set all day, you are going to miss stuff happen. As I discussed with someone yesterday, it’s a little like gambling — you convince yourself that if you stay for 5 more minutes, you’ll see something awesome.

So they blew up a couple of buildings just before I got there. Awesome.


There is still plenty to trash, and they have a few more days to do it, but my day job is going to get in the way again! In addition to the building, some more cars had a pretty bad day. I’m amazed there are any vehicles left in one piece.



Oh and that’s another thing, the Transformer cars are in a nearby parking lot. I keep hearing people telling me they just got a great shot, I run over, and they’re under covers again. A gust of wind almost exposed Bumblebee, but no, all I get to see is the tarp and a glimpse of yellow bumper.




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