Countdown to Transformers 4 Filming in Detroit

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Transformers 4


After almost 2 months of construction, the downtown Detroit set of Transformers 4 is almost ready for filming. With shooting scheduled for later this week, crews are making the final adjustments to the set, adding more signs and posters that will turn the neighborhood from looking like a downtown Detroit block, into something that looks a little like Hong Kong — if Hong Kong has had a really bad day!

Lots of locals are stopping by the set today to take pictures of themselves and friends and family members by the new downtown landmark. If you’re planning to do this, I would get it done today or tomorrow. A couple more of the streets have already been closed to vehicle and foot traffic, and there are barricades appearing at the surrounding streets. Crew have advised that streets will be closed for quite a distance around, so unless you are one of the lucky ones who happens to live in an apartment overlooking the set, you may not be able to see too much of the action once filming starts. I’m sure that won’t stop people trying to watch as filming gets underway this week.

More photos to follow.


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