Transformers4 Set under Construction in Downtown Detroit

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Transformers 4

I think by now most people know that there is a huge movie set being built in downtown Detroit for Transformers 4. It’s been under construction for a month or so, and rumors are that filming on the set will occur in August, and that this may culminate in the set being blown up.

The set is being built at the intersection of Bagley St and Clifford St. near Grand Circus Park, right under the People Mover track, which makes an interesting backdrop. If you don’t know the area, it’s hard to tell what is ‘new’ construction and what is old, Detroit abandoned buildings! Obviously the new construction has a very Hong Kong/Chinese feel to it, as the scenes to be filmed are are supposed to take place in Hong Kong. Another clue here has been the call for ‘Asian families’ as extras for the shooting.

This is a BIG, elaborate set, and watching it go up over 2 months, it’s easy to see why these movies cost the big bucks to make. The last time Transformers 3 was filmed in downtown Detroit was pretty spectacular — ripped up streets, exploding buildings, huge spacecraft. We’re all hoping for the same kind of show in August, plus maybe a chance to see Mark Wahlberg and co. I’m guessing they will film here for an extended period of time given the expense of putting this set together. They will likely close the streets down for quite a distance though, so maybe now is the time to make friends with people living in the surrounding apartment buildings… A bird’s eye view of this would be amazing.

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  1. I wish I lived in Detroit to see this ..


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