Topher Grace on the set of The Double, Northville

Posted: September 21, 2011 in The Double

Those of us a little older were of course, most impressed by the presence of Richard Gere in town. The younger ones were more interested in Topher Grace, who’s certainly grown up a lot since That 70s Show!

Richard was very much the ‘movie star.’  He signed some autographs and allowed a few pictures to be taken, but he was aloof. Topher was predictably a lot more approachable and as you can see, he got a lot of attention from the neighborhood girls!

His character in the movie is a younger FBI agent, married with a young child and a baby. It was obvious watching him interact with his youngest co-stars (twins) that this was a new role for him. Experienced parents chuckled as he tried to look natural holding the babies. I’ll be interested to see how he pulls it off in the movie!

One scene involved Topher coming out of the back door of the house while on the phone holding an infant, but after a few takes it proved impossible for him to do this in a natural way. They decides to substitute a cat for the infant… actually calling around the bystanders to borrow one for the scene, but this didn’t work out so well either!


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