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Another hot day in A2 and the ‘Five Year Engagement’ crew set up outside Jefferson Market and Cakery on W. Jefferson in Ann Arbor. I think it’s great that this movie is really about Ann Arbor and some of it’s quirky little landmarks. Oh yeah, and U of M.  I was almost an extra by accident yesterday. I must look like a student (ha!) because I walked right across the Diag, sat on the grass and then suddenly realized that people around me looked a little posed. Oops.

The shirt says, “Come Smell our Dairy Air.”


‘Five Year Engagement’ filmed today in the baking heat on the Diag at the University of Michigan. The crew from out of state must be wondering by now why anyone lives in Michigan where the temperatures fluctuate from the lower 40s to the upper 90s in a couple of weeks! I hope they’re done with the snow scenes as it would be hard to fake being cold in this heat.

Rhys Ifans and Jason Segel were on set today. A couple of pictures for now, more to come later this evening.

[Edit: I find myself gadget-challenged today and can’t upload any more photos until tonight. Shoulda brought the right cable… Paparazzi Fail.]

I’m too old to be hanging out at night shoots and I’ll pay for it tomorrow, but tonight it was all happening on a snowy street in Ypsilanti. After a day of setting up the snow and wrapping lights around the trees to make it look like a real Michigan Winter, filming finally started at around 10pm on Friday night. The first scene filmed was with Emily Blunt running down the street. Wash, rinse, repeat around a dozen times I guess.

I have to say that in the daylight the snow looked a little fake, but at night, the sidewalk and street washed down to look wet, the snow sprayed to look a delightful dirty grey, it could totally have been February. I’ll clean up some more photographs tomorrow. Just a few now to give the ambiance.

Filming is scheduled to start tomorrow for Five Year Engagement in Ypsilanti at the intersection of S Washington Ave and Pearl St. Again it looks like Winter has come early (or finished late!) in Michigan.  The question on everyone’s lips is the same. “Why the heck couldn’t they have filmed in February?”