Ides of March in Detroit

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Ides of March

No celebrities to be seen on the set of George Clooney’s the Ides of March on Park Ave. in Detroit yesterday. Filming was at Cliff Bell’s bar on Park Avenue, and the street was a little narrow to get down and see what was going on up close. Unlike the scenes in Cinicnatti over the last few weeks, I seemed to be the only person doing any #clooneywatch-ing. And I was remarkably unsuccessful.

Still, this movie-stalking isn’t always about the stars. Not for me anyway. I just love seeing the crews and equipment, spying the signs and the movie ‘stuff.’ And long may we be able to do that in Michigan.

I may get another chance to stalk downtown Detroit later in the week, but next week production moves on to Ann Arbor, even closer to home. Hopefully we’ll be more successful at our #clooneywatch-ing there.

  1. Movie set stalking is fun–I’ve only did it once, but I lucked out and caught everyone on camera.

    I just think it’s shady that the extras on this film are volunteers, don’t you?


    • thebananadoc says:

      I think it’s fairly common that extras for the big crowd scenes don’t get paid. Also I think people were begging to be extras. Looks like they got 23,000 people to respond?!


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