The Recreating of Woodsboro: Part II

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Scream 4

It was fun watching it all come together on a sunny July weekend. The production crew put the finishing touched on the Woodsboro Police Department set in downtown Plymouth, MI, and our guess was confirmed.

There weren’t that many people watching, which I found to be funny. Of course the crowds would start to gather on Monday when filming began, and in such a public venue around the main town park, it was a tall order to maintain control.

During shooting the guards and crew were constantly having to move the crowds around out of shot of the cameras. In one background scene we saw a woman and her dog instantly recruited from the watching crowd to be an extra and walk across the park. This made my kids immediately try to look extra photogenic in the hope of featuring. No such luck.

The attention to detail was amazing. That wall looks pretty real.

See the California state flag? They would also run around and add magnetic CA licence plates over all the MI ones.  Adding surfboards to the roof of a VW bug was a cute touch and an odd one to see.

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