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Thanks to Melissa Hayes (@justwitt on Twitter) for this photograph of the Morris for President Campaign bus in downtown Detroit last week. Sadly no George Clooney to be seen, but filming of Ides of March continues in Detroit this week (1263 Griswold), so there’s still hope!


Everyone’s favorite photograph of Neve Campbell, taken on one of the best night shoots in Ann Arbor in August 2010. I say ‘best’ because it was one of the rare nights of shooting when most of the action was outside for the crowd to watch. Also security that night were a lot less paranoid, and I’m sure that’s the reason why there are a lot of photographs out there of these scenes being shot.

This picture was taken between takes while Neve was sitting on the steps of Olivia’s house. It’s pretty clear now from all the information out there that this scene is probably the direct aftermath of whatever happens inside Olivia’s house. Hey, in 15 days we’ll ALL know. Well, except me. Because I will be on a tropical beach somewhere, no movie theater in sight. But honestly, I pretty much know how it goes down at this point, and that’s ok.

The other small story about this photo is that the night I posted it I was concerned about the mark on Neve’s cheek being a spoiler, so I actually photo-shopped it out of the version I posted online. So this is the original version, with blood!

Scream 4 Photo of the Day

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Scream 4

Setting up to film in front of the Woodsboro Police Department in Plymouth, MI.  Metro Detroiters, doesn’t that news reporter on the right look remarkably like Channel 4 News’ own Devin Scillian?

Scream 4 Photo of the Day

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Scream 4

We are counting down the days now, and soon all the secrets will be out there. Yes, I know there are a dozen or more possible plots out there and I’ve read some of them. I don’t care. It’s a movie. It won’t ruin my enjoyment if I think I have a good idea who the killer is. There’s so much more to the experience for me than that final scene. By some miscalculation of epic proportions I’ll actually be out of the country on the release date. So much for a midnight viewing, or even watching it within the first week. Ah well, I’ll have the sand between my toes, the sun on my face, and be sipping Mojitos, so I’m not gonna complain.

But I am going to go through my set pics and try to put one up every day or so. Most have been seen before. Some not. Enjoy.

One of the funnest nights on set with a younger crowd watching. Hayden was acknowledging a few hecklers from across the street with a smile.

It’s nearly time

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Scream 4

Filming a funeral scene outside Christ Church in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan this afternoon. Thanks to Agent D, my source, for the photograph.

It was a crazy day in Clawson, Michigan when George Clooney came to town to film his movie, Ides of March. Twitter started buzzing early in the morning with rumors of where the set would be today, but it was soon confirmed as Nick’s Country Oven on 14 Mile in Clawson.

For most of the morning, however, the filming was being done a block west of the diner, at a doctor’s office, with new signs that identified it as Oakley Women’s Clinic of Cincinatti.

George Clooney and Ryan Gosling were spotted now and again, but they were mainly filming inside the building and visibility wasn’t good until later in the day when they began shooting a scene outside the building right on 14 mile. By this time the crowds had grown and had to be managed out of the shoots. I have to say though, this crew and the security were the nicest I’ve come across in all my movie stalking. Obviously everyone wanted pictures of George Clooney, and security obliged. Oneof the crew said that this was because George Clooney is a “very nice man.”  I think most of the crowd today would agree with that sentiment.

Ryan Gosling seemed pretty popular too. Pictured here today without his dog! And Evan Rachel Wood was also on set, filming both inside and outside the clinic.

And of course the man himself.

A beautiful Spring day on campus for the filming of Geroge Clooney’s movie, Ides of March. Today filming was in the Michigan League Ballroom.

Just in case you were in any doubt where this was filmed… although the movie is set in Ohio at Kent State, today the University of Michigan became Kent State. Not Ohio State, because i’m not sure we could have done that even for George Clooney!

Lots of tents for Extras Holding and crew catering. There were a LOT of extras for the crowd scenes. I have to say that many of them seemed to have borrowed suits a little too big…

Outside the League, a group hold ‘Vote Morris’ signs, referring to Clooney’s character, Mike Morris, a Presidential Candidate.