Scream 4 Basecamp moves out

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Scream 4

After the snowpocalypse, a final glimpse at the Project Z signs in Northville, MI. Over eight months since the first mysterious yellow and black ‘Z’ signs appeared around town, the last ones have gone.

We thought we’d seen the last of them in August, so it was a treat to see them pop up again in the middle of the cold, Michigan Winter. A little more excitement for our “Movie Capital of the Midwest” town!  The locals enjoyed having the film crews in town, but the novelty did wear off surprisingly quickly. It still amazes me that apart from a few die-hard stalkers (hi DJ and Denise), the town pretty much ignored their presence. There was no one hanging around basecamp to catch a glimpse of the movie stars, and no one (apart from me!) skulking around the set. I’m sure this is a plus of filming in Michigan, where people may be a little less starstruck than in CA?

For those of us who have stalked the movie, the packing up is bittersweet. No longer do we have to face those strange looks from family and friends as we head out late at night. No longer do we have to fight that pull to drive by just one more time in case we’re missing something! Now it’s the 70 day or so wait to sit in the movie theater and point at all the places we know, if we can see past the blood and gore to the locations!

Wes Craven confirmed that the ‘re-shoots’ were actually adding scenes to the film, presumably to the ‘opening scene’ for Aimee and Brittany. Aimee seemed to be in town for longer, so we guess that the filming focussed on her interaction with Ghostface, which likely didn’t end well. Nothing happened at the house across the street as far as we know, so maybe the ending won’t be changed, despite the internet rumors that abound.

Seems like I’ve said goodbye to the Scream 4 crews a few times already. Here’s hoping that Scream 5 and 6 bring them back to our little version of Woodsboro.


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