Houses of Scream 4: Jill’s House

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Scream 4

The street in Ann Arbor where I spent rather too much of my Summer. I think we decided this was Jill’s house? I got lost in all of the discussions, but I think the conclusion is that this is where Kate and Jill live, and where Sidney comes to stay when she visits Woodsboro on her book tour.

Given that the film crew was on site for almost a month, it’s safe to surmise that a big chunk of the movie takes place in this house, and next door at what we believe to be Olivia’s house.  One of the primary requirements for the location was to have two houses next to each other so that things happening in one could be seen in the other…

Many of the shots were inside during the early evening, when all we could hear were shouts of ‘Rolling!’, and I suspect a lot of the more pivotal outdoor shots were done in the middle of the night when only the really serious movie stalker were out to watch. This house is probably famous for the shot through the upstairs window of Kirby taking a phone call. I’ll have a post dedicated to that call in the next few days because it stunned me how far and wide those pictures went, and what was read into them.

We saw Ghostface (in and out of costume!) on the porch of this house, trying to push his way in. We saw Dewey and Kirby arriving, and entering very tentatively. Kirby’s car was often parked outside, as was the orange Mustang Boss… We saw a scene with Hoss and Perkins, Woodsboro’s finest, and later the whole collection of Woodsboro police vehicles, EMS and finally (and inevitably) the Coroner’s van.

The owners of the house moved out for a month to allow filming and were often across the street watching, along with other residents and stalkers from further afield. A friend of mine whose house was scouted for the movie actually turned down the opportunity because she wasn’t sure about having someone bloodily dispatched in her daughter’s room.  While I get it, I think I can pretty much guarantee that the daughter would think it was cool as soon as she is old enough to watch the movie.

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