The Houses of Scream 4

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Scream 4

I almost can’t believe I’m doing this, but I can’t help myself. When I started the Summer of Scream 4, I was amazed how geeked people got about the houses… which house was this supposed to be, does it look like the one in the original movie, will they use a green screen to get that California feeling etc etc! But here I am caught up in it too. Maybe looking at these old pics will help distract us from all the potential screening spoilers?

So this is the first house they filmed Scream 4 at in Northville, MI. I was a movie-stalker-newbie back then, and when I saw the Road Closed signs, I simply obeyed them. Ha. I soon learned. Local rumors suggest that this is supposed to be Dewey and Gale’s house which they bought/inherited from Dewey’s parents, i.e. the original house where Tatum and Dewey lived. Dewey and Gale are supposed to be renovating the property. Filming here was for 2 or 3 days only, and David Arquette was seen a lot on set. One day at least the neighbors observed walking up and down the street shouting into his cellphone. Most of the shots were inside the house, which was redecorated for the movie. Fans have pointed out the differences in the porch–straight instead of curved, and the size is different, but I’m guessing that clever camera angles can make this look close to the original.

Compare it to pictures of the original house at 824 McDonald Avenue, Santa Rosa, California.

View of Tatum and Sidney on the wraparound porch.

Aerial view of the house. Note the wraparound porch. (Thanks to

Another external shot of the house from Flickr.

It turns out that McDonald Avenue has an illustrious movie history.

Credit also to this great thread at;;


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