More Stab-A-Thon

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Scream 4

I pull in at the side of the road and take some pictures of the barn and the crews ahead. They’re only partially blocking the road and by this point there’s no way I’m going to turn around. No one is running toward me waving their arms angrily. In fact throughout filming the actual crew had always been pleasant and courteous. Not so much the Security Guards, but I digress.

I’m not going to risk getting much closer, so the angle isn’t great, but the party venue is clear. The Ghost Face ‘scarecrows’ everywhere gave the place a very creepy, “Children of the Corn” feel and I was glad it was daylight.

After taking a few shots from a safe distance, I drove slowly toward the barn and the crews, smiled, and asked if I could get through the road. Yes, filming and prep was done for now, so the road was open. No more photos until I was passed the barn, but I did get a good look at the decorated barn and the many, many scarecrows!

There were no other movie stalkers around although some paparazzi shots appeared in a day or two, probably from the guy that Wes Craven says they had to chase out of a cornfield!  I didn’t post my photos anywhere for a while because I figured that the Stab-A-Thon party was too big a spoiler, but I was beaten to it by a couple of others who trekked down the same long dirt road.

  1. Rodrigo says:

    Creepy, creepy!


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