Off the beaten track (The Stab-a-thon Barn)

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Scream 4

By the time I’d stalked a couple of movies right on my own doorstep in the early Summer, I’d already caught the bug. Big time. I’d started to log into the Twitter account I’d created a year back and never used, and I’d discovered the power of the internet anew. In this case the power was able to lead me further down the path of the slightly obsessed movie stalker. It had definitely become a mission. and gave almost instantaneous reports and tips of filming locations.  Which is why, on a July evening after work I headed down a very long dirt road in search of the mysterious barn which was rumored to be the next filming location for Scream 4.

Armed with printed Google maps, and some aerial shots, and some anecdotal information from a friend who lives in Saline and had heard about a crew looking for a farm to film in, the barn wasn’t that hard to find. Did I mention that it was a very long dirt road?

I wasn’t familiar with the area, so I had no idea what I would find or how close I would be able to get to the filming. The previous week I’d been in the crowd in downtown Plymouth, but I doubted that many people would make their way this far out of town, and so far no pictures or reports had emerged of what was happening out there. I was honestly expecting to reach a Closed Road sign and to have to turn around and go home feeling a little foolish.

Well, the sign was there. But the astute among you will notice that it’s not actually blocking the road. And it’s only closed to ‘thru traffic’ which means I can still get some way down the road, right? I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that at this point I tucked my camera into my backpack, hid my printed Google maps, and drove right on past the sign.  If I was stopped, at least I could plead ignorance!

When the barn came into view, I couldn’t believe my luck.


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