I skipped a Chapter

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Scream 4

Meanwhile, a hot, sticky downtown Northville was quickly transformed into the fictional California town of Woodsboro. It took a while for people to notice that the signs on the lamp posts had been changed to advertise the Woodsboro art and music festivals, crew were adding magnetic CA licence plates to cover the Michigan ones on the cars parked in the street, and a car with surf boards on the roof looked more than a little out of place.

Obviously the Next Chapter Bookstore was the focal point of filming, but the production team had gone to the effort of making the street look authentic for a few scenes that took place outside. Most of these were not thrilling to watch.  Crowds of extras rushing to the street opposite the bookstore to see .. something. Woodsboro Police milling about in the street to keep the crowds back. Many, many takes in the 90 degree heat that left the extras suffering in their suits and cardigans!

The stand-ins were around for a lot longer than the actors, setting up scenes and just hanging out on set. Courteney, David and Neve always seemed to arrive the minute I’d left, so most of the pictures I have of them were taken by friends. I got luckier later in the production filming, but in Northville I barely got a distant wave!


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