The Next Chapter – Part 1

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Scream 4

The new photographs at EW have taken me back to the first days of Scream 4 filming in Northville when the crew took over the Next Chapter Bookstore. Over the next few days I’ll put up some photographs from the film set and throw in some anecdotes and commentary. Some of the official photographs are revealing some of the ‘spoilers’ we’ve kept quiet about, so now that it’s out there we can maybe tell a little more.

We’d known for a while that Wes Craven’s team had been knocking on doors around town to try and find houses to film in, but the news that the new bookstore/coffee shop in town was to feature in the movie was Big News. Not least because I’d had coffee there, and a good friend of mine makes their cookies. The cookies that will now forever be in the movie. Cool, huh? The store had to close due to flood damage (Northville got hit with some big storms this Summer), and it turned out that the production picked up some of the tab to get things fixed. They also redecorated and reorganized things inside a little. First we knew that things were actually happening was when the huge Paramount trucks appeared in the small parking lot. And the security guys set up vigil!

Crowds gathered in the street outside the store for the July 4th Parade, and I doubt that many noticed the cryptic sign above the door. It was only there for a few days and I’m glad I caught it on film.


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