Posted: August 17, 2010 in photo, Scream 4

#scream4 Last night Scream 4 filming moved to the house on the right. The poor quality of this photograph is yet another reason why I won’t be giving up my day job any time soon, but the security guards have stopped wandering the set, and now they are standing like sentries and moving very fast when they see anyone brandishing a camera.

I am conflicted about this, because the security guards have no actual authority to tell people on a public street that they cannot take photographs. They should not threaten taking away cameras and wiping memory cards. No crime is being committed.  I’m a fan and I firmly believe that every single picture taken of this movie simply adds to the publicity that will make Scream 4 an enormous hit that will make millions of dollars for all involved. I’m not making a cent out of adding my small contribution to the hype, and I have no wish to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the movie. I don’t believe I’ve given anything away that would do so. On the contrary, I’ve held back information and photographs that would give things away (assuming we aren’t being double bluffed, which honestly would be pretty cool). Filming in a public venue has its risks, and people on a public street have rights, including being able to take photographs of pretty much anything they wish. There are exceptions, but they don’t include anything I can easily see from the sidewalk on a movie set. I’m not being obnoxious, I’m not getting in anyone’s way. I’m being polite and courteous and largely doing as I’m told, even though I don’t have to, because I don’t want to create a disturbance or ruin anyone else’s chance to enjoy watching the filming. On the set I’ve been told everything from “No photographs”, “No flashes,” “No photography during actual filming,” to “I have to tell you that you are not allowed to take photographs.”  Ambiguous much. Can you tell I feel strongly about this? Apologies for the rant.

Anyway… back to the movie: before the shoot Wes Craven was directing one of the cast members and Ghost Face in a fight at the side of the house. There were some pretty nifty wrestling moves performed on a fold-up mat.  Shooting before the break consisted of scenes inside the house which we couldn’t see (or hear), followed by an encounter inside the house which we could partially see.  Everyone gasped when someone fell loudly down the stairs, and there were several takes of the (previously rehearsed?) fight.  Woodsboro Police officers were soon on the scene, and the Woodsboro EMS truck and Coroner’s van were parked nearby.

The cast seem to be having a great time on set, laughing and joking with each other as they hang out and rehearse. They’re also very huggy!  


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