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Finally we see some shots of Henry Cavill as Superman (almost) on the set of Batman V Superman while filming at the Wayne County Building in Detroit yesterday. It was a good day for one intrepid set photographer, and the shots were shared with the world via Just Jared.

Filming at the Wayne County Building is expected to continue most of this week. Unfortunately they’re filming inside the dramatic building, so there isn’t too much chance of spotting the action, but at some point the actors do have to leave the building. Today we got our first real glimpses of Holly Hunter, Tao Okamoto, and another look at Scoot McNairy.  Earlier in the day there were rumors of a stand-in wandering the set wearing some kind of cape. The Big Question of course is was it the Bat or the other guy?

Had a glitchy thing happen to my computer the day I took these pics last week on the Corktown set. What with the Biblical floods in Detroit today, it’s been kinda quiet, so maybe these will fill the gap a little. These are all set-up shots and runs with Ben’s infamous stunt double. I can actually tell them apart from the back now. Ha.

No time to add narrative to these pictures from yesterday. Another full day on the set of Batman V Superman in downtown Detroit! Cars crashing, people running, people looking into the sky (aha!). Ben Affleck and his stunt double were on set. Zack Snyder was of course directing the action. Stuff was on fire. All good fun. Today (Saturday) is supposed to be more of the same. Weather looks good so it’s likely they will be finished today in the D. The good news is that there are rumors of more downtown D filming later in the Fall.

It’s not news that the Batman V Superman production has moved to the streets of Detroit this week. I’ve uploaded some pictures to Twitter. Here and more, higher-res versions. Lots of cool stuff going on today and tomorrow (Saturday August 9). Not sure how much I’ll be able to capture, but watch Twitter for updates from myself and many others! Fun times in the D!  No ‘celebrities’ in these shots exceot Zack Snyder, and of course Ben Affleck’s stunt Double, now known as #thatsnotBenAffleck, which in no way means he isn’t a worthwhile actor and human being in his own right! He may be more famous than Ben by the end of filming! Anyone know his name so we can credit him?


For the many many people asking how to find filming locations, searching for a few good key words on twitter is usually the best way! Also check out the ever-awesome (@olv). Also if you SEE any filming locations (cameras, trucks, Ben Affleck!), don’t forget to tweet and tell @olv so the word can get out quickly. 

Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder

It was a long, hot stormy day out there. Here are some of the pics I took though I put most of Twitter already. I’ll add some commentary tomorrow and sort through the rest! Goodnight!

Things started happening at a faster pace at the Corktown set over the last few days. As you can see from the pictures, a lot of the structures that had built over the last month were moved to the street in front of the black building, creating the look of a giant crater? Or maybe just the collapse of the building. It’s hard to say at this point, but there’s a lot of debris that could be a mixture of building and pavement. The large wooden wall backed by shipping containers is being painted, so it wont be the green screen that most of us had anticipated. In fact it looks a little like the black building. Security has tightened with a car and guard at each road closing, and green netting around the construction lot itself. The road in front of the building is also closed (obviously!). It’s impossible at this point to tell if these will be the only road closings for this set, or if they’ll widen it a little to keep prying eyes (and cameras) out. Obviously they will try to keep people back as far as possible and they will likely tell people they can’t take pictures. It’s assumed that filming at this set will be the week of August 4, the same week they’ll be filming other scenes and car chases around the city.

In other news there are rumors of filming west of Ann Arbor, and also in Metamora township. Those are so far, just rumors flying around on the internet! Unless there are pictures, we don’t believe you :)

Just over a couple of weeks to go now until the scheduled filming, and work on the Corktown, Detroit set of Batman V Superman is progressing. As I reported last week, the large ‘crosses’ are in fact being made to look like structural pieces of the black office building across the street. At first I thought they might be there to enhance the facade of the building, but now it looks more like they are destined to be pieces of the building that have crashed to the ground after some kind of superhero-induced disaster. Similarly the large pieces of styrofoam are in the process of being painted gray to look like large pieces of concrete, torn up pavement, and other disaster-debris. The wood structures that look kind of like construction-roofing seem to be the framework for the concrete slabs, so the scene will look like there’s been pretty major upheaval. Looks like the streets of Gotham (or Metropolis?) are in for some trouble.

The ever-awesome OnLocationVacations also announced more upcoming filming locations on the streets of the D in early August. Things are about to get exciting for Batman V Superman movie-stalkers (at last). With this big Corktown set, and the reported high-speed vehicle chases that will be filmed in the city, it’s hard to imagine that Batman and Superman won’t be out in the open for all to see (at last!).

Some other interesting rumors have suggested that secrecy on the set is a really Big Deal. We’ve seen a little of that this week with repercussions on Twitter. Apparently several crew have been fired for taking cellphone pictures of the set and the stars. And there is so much concern about information leaking out that both of the main characters have been instructed to wear robes on set. An unnamed source has suggested that this is an unpopular dictate, and Henry breaks the rule and walks his dog in full costume. Now that is a picture I would like to snap!

Any ideas welcome!